The tendencies of healthy eating both in Lithuania and all over the world are getting stronger every day. Therefore, as we delved deeper into the nuances of a healthy diet and looked for healthier products, we faced the problem of processing food at a high temperature using fat. Healthy fats, untreated and made from unmodified raw materials, are generally unsuitable for the production of high-temperature pulp because, when heated, they change their molecular structure, react with oxygen in the air and form compounds that are harmful to health.
The discovery was the melted Ghee butter, which not only maintains high cooking temperatures, but also has a wide range of health-promoting ingredients. The first acquaintance with melted butter took place in the home kitchen, usually with melted butter on the stove. The result was surprising as the resulting product had a very good taste and a pleasant caramel-like aroma. The home-made melted butter helped to discover other flavors of ordinary food, and the porridges and soups flavored with it were simply unique. When we discovered melted butter, we didn’t want to replace it with other fats, but due to the fast pace of life, it became more and more difficult to find time for its production – we started looking in the store. The search disappointed us because we could not find a butter of this taste that we managed to make at home. As we began to delve into the subtleties of melted butter production, we learned that there are several ways to make it, on which the end result depends. So we started experimenting with finding the most appealing flavor. After all the relatives, neighbors and relatives had tasted the melted butter from our production, and we received many positive reviews and evaluations, we decided to offer our product to a wider audience as well. This is how a small family business called MB Guova was founded.